The Business of Acupuncture

Posted on Feb 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Acupuncture is like yoga; you’ll feel good after one time, but the more you go the better you’ll feel. The secret is the deepening of your relationship with your own body.

Well, honestly, it may not be a one to one ratio, you may hit some speed bumps along the road of health and wellness.  There are “healing responses” that mean symptoms come up as they’re clearing out.  Sometimes we have to re-experience symptoms as they’re being worked on by our body.  It’s all about relationships.

Your relationship with your health care provider is a special one. Most of us aren’t trying to take all of your money.  Most of us care about you and have a vested interest in your health and wellness.  Personally, the way I work is to help you be empowered in your own health care.  My long term clients call when they know they’re a little off and they need a treatment.  At first, though, I ask my clients to commit to at least 4 consecutive treatments. Cause you’re what: 35? 57? 17? 25 years old? So some of your energetic patterns you’ve had since you were born, other patterns you’ve acquired along the way.  Acupuncture at work is an energetic suggestion to your body.  Some symptoms go away completely on your first treatment, and others, those will stick around for a while.  This is actually not as bad as it seems.  With treatment we can help reduce the discomfort of your symptoms, but they are actually a blessing in disguise.  Our bodies are our teachers and our symptoms are our indicators and our code to navigate our bodies.

What kind of living system grows all at once and then stops growing? I can’t think of any. Plants, mammals, fungus, starfish– every living thing is a process.  Settle in and let me help you have a good go.

You’re in luck, cause I’ve studied the human coding system for years and have been actively helping clients work on the communication system for 8 years. An example of this system is:  having a dehydration headache can cue you to hydrate.  Of course not all headaches are an indication of the need for water.  That’s what makes your body super special, because although we mostly all have the same organs, we are all unique!

So, at least 4 sessions; let’s get momentum, let’s get to know each other.  Yes that cold, or achy shoulder, or backache may go away right after our session… and it may intensify, depending on, well, everything. So, take the time, find a good practitioner, talk to your friends, use your gut instinct and then COMMIT to your wellness.  Help me help you 🙂