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My favorite article of clothing when I was little was a pink t-shit with red script reading “I never met a piece of chocolate I didn’t like.” The sentiment is still true. It was born into me, a love of chocolate, not just the cacao, but the sugar that brings out the deep chocolate tones. I still love chocolate, but the sugar is what I have a love/hate relationship with.

It’s everywhere, and I can’t say no.  I’ve been sugar free now for about 6 months…with a few missteps. If it’s in front of me, I will eat it, sugar, that is. I can’t say no to it.  But now, sweet things taste different, too sweet, it is not as much of a rush as it used to be, and the taste is fleeting.  My recent torturous addiction was chocolate chip cookies. The biggest downfall of that chewy and delicious sensation in my mouth, was thinking about when I could have the next one.  I was never fully satiated, no matter how present I was in the experience. The after effects  are even worse, I feel hungry more than usual and never satisfied with my savory choices. There came a point, beyond all points that I knew that this yearning for cookies had to go.  I knew inherently that my yearning was not authentic.  White sugar throws my whole balance off!

Being months away from sugar, I can recognize it in other people.  The energy dips, the food choices, and the overall imbalance in their systems.  When life is unmanageable in the face of sugar, what are you to do? Sugar’s everywhere and it’s in everything! Once you can get away from it, things can start to change.  I have friends that “don’t have a sweet tooth” but “please pass me that beer and that loaf of bread, no, not that piece, the whole loaf please…” This all breaks down into sugar in our bodies.

Our bodies can be sugar burners or fat burners, and I took the path of a fat burning system.  I recently made the switch to a Paleolithic (Paleo) diet.  This is a controversial diet for some because it does include a lot of meat.  This isn’t always right for everyone, but right now it is right for me.  The diet excludes grains and starches which are disaccharides and polysaccharides.  This means that they are a more complex food structure that takes more energy for your body to break down into absorbable nutrients.  The structure of non starchy vegetables and some meats are monosaccharides, which is the easiest thing for our digestive systems to break down.  This creates a slow and steady digestion and less spikes in blood sugar. The protein from ethically raised meats and the vitamins and minerals from lots of healthy veggies create plenty for the body to thrive. I notice a difference in my energy level throughout the day and I don’t miss the 2:00-3:00 late afternoon lag at all! I also lost 25 pounds effortlessly (I was maintaining my regular exercise schedule.)

Like I said, this is an extreme diet which is absolutely great for some people, and not good for others.  Something we all can share is a reduction in our sugar intake.  Sweet things do bring comfort.  We all need to experience the sweetness of life. I don’t deprive myself at all of sweet treats, but I use honey to replace white sugar. We are in the season of holidays galore, and I plan to make all of my treats with honey instead of sugar, because as soon as I get white sugar in my system, all bets are off, including any diets…Of course this is not the plan for everybody, and it may not be sustainable for you. So I offer a suggestion: do an experiment with yourself. Try a week without white sugar before the holidays start and notice your energy level, all types of food cravings, portion control and general wellness.  Then compare how you feel when you do indulge in the holiday treats.  It’s all a great experiment.  Your body is your vehicle for wellness, and you’re the captain, make sure sugar is not steering your boat! Happy Holidays! May you live well!


  1. Hey Lindz
    First of all, your website is beautiful!! Well done!! I loved your blog about sugar and will try the week of going sugarless…something I have wanted to do for a while now……know it will be hard, but appreciate your thoughts on it.
    Had a nice visit with the family…wished you could have been there!!
    Xo Pat

  2. thanks for the inspiring post and keep up the great work!

    • Lindsay, loved the article, but do you really think I would even attempt this? I couldn’t drink tea without honey. Love you as much as sugar, sweetie. Dad