Celebrate the Light and Humanity in All of Us

Posted on Dec 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

All great pain comes from great love.lit hearts

In light of the recent tragedies, I am heartbroken, yet inspired and searching. I am searching for our humanity and where that lies in myself and in all of you.

Love of another person is really inspiration for the love of ourselves. Whatever you may believe, or not believe, it is MY belief is that the truth awakened in us is what true love is.  We need each other to stir the dormant spark of truth within us.

I believe that we are connected to nature — that we are, in fact a part of nature.  The beauty and grandeur of this design of life is enough to start to stir me awake. It is furthered and truly put in place by all of you: my clients, friends, and family. It is a blessing and an honor to be a part of your process in this human reality.

candlelight vigilWhatever holiday you celebrate, or even if you choose to celebrate the right to not subscribe to any holiday, I wish for you to remember the light that is within you. The light that IS you. This is what will lead us back to humanity.

My very inspirational friend, colleague, and officemate Sunny celebrates “Love Day” annually. I invite you to celebrate Love Day in conjunction with your holiday. Let your Solstice, your return of the light, be part of every aspect of your life, large or small.
matches in heart shape


I wish you the very best. Namaste: The Light Within Me Honors The Light Within You! Many blessings to you, and yours, and every other human — even if they’re not “yours” yet.