Spring Resolutions: If the weather can change so rapidly, so can we!

Posted on Apr 18, 2012 in spring


It’s come to my attention that it’s time for shedding.  Animals are shedding their winter coats, Portland is shedding it’s wintery chill, and some of its’ clouds, people are shedding toxins by cleansing. It’s time to make room for movement and blossoms and inspiration.

The Spring is such a great time for cleaning, doing body cleanses and making changes, because there is more energy available from the sun and the Earth.  There’s a certain freshness in the air that we want all through our lives.  I believe that to be the thoughts behind spring cleaning.  How do we keep things fresh, new and moving for ourselves? How do we keep our spirits up through these last few pending months of intermittent clouds? My answer is: poco a poco, meaning little by little!

We all have goals, we know that we want to lose weight, build our business, be more healthy, be happy with our jobs, make more time for our loved ones, save more money…but how do we attain these goals? They can be extremely overwhelming if we’re taking the entire project into account.  I have witnessed a lot of false starts (myself included).  I think the idea of New Year’s Resolutions are a great idea, and how often do we get a great running start, and then fall farther away from our goals then when we began? Maybe the winter is too soon, and maybe our ideas of our goals are too big.  I’m inviting you to explore the idea of Spring Resolutions with me.

Spring Resolutions are reasonable, attainable realistic goals.  This is not a new concept.  Many of us have worked with this before, but now you have the energy of the spring with you.  I suggest starting with your big goal, for example getting more organized and then work backwards on small steps that can be done so the abstract concept can shape itself into reality.  By starting today, right now, you can already be on the way towards a goal.  For example use the feng shui method of “only touch a piece of paper once.”  When getting mail out of the mailbox, either file it, recycle it or pay it.  One step closer to organization.  If each week or even each day we implement a new strategy, then we can start chipping away at our goals.  The next step will be to make a plan, and make big changes towards the goal, but first things first.  Start doing something now.  Change something that will keep you engaged with your life and inspired.  Mimic the weather, be easy and available to change.  Start with something that is small but doesn’t feel so easy.  You all know what you need to do: eat one less dessert today, watch one less hour of internet tv, eat a piece of fruit or greens, you get the idea.  Start your revolution with a resolution.  The better you feel about yourself, the easier it is to keep up healthier trends.  If we start by breaking our old habits, before we know it, we will change our lives.

I got some good advice from a teacher yesterday: she said that I wanted the end result and the answer so badly that I was trying to skip the process.  That’s why I decided to really take time to do a little thing each day to make my huge goals attainable. Small changes and the willingness to change give rise to life changes 🙂