Will Power

Posted on Aug 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Will Power! Our American definition includes exerting ourselves through our stuck-ness to achieve a desired goal. Will power often means over-coming a large hurdle  and pushing through some kind of yearning or desire or bad habit to get through to the next level.  Or maybe using effort to manifest a thought or idea. Will power is a great quality to have.  It’s an ability that is invaluable, but it often means a strong mind and exertion to achieve an idea or goal. How I hold will power in my practice is with ease and it can be a little more gentle.  I like to believe that it means listening to our “heart’s desire” and following our highest...

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Seed Cycling : natural hormone balance

Posted on May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Supporting your cycles!!! A lot of us have troubles at some point of our cycle.  The more I research, the less surprised I am of this phenomenon.  Our environment is rapidly changing, and not all aspects of this change support our health, I’d say the majority of the changes are negatively affecting us.  Did you know that despite most  of your friends that experience cramps, pain, bloating and moodiness (dysmenorrhea), they are not normal, common yes, but not what our system wants as normal!  Our body doesn’t naturally need to experience pain and cramping in order to shed the uterine lining.  This is an imbalance!  The most common cause of this...

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