How long will YOU wait?

Posted on Feb 28, 2012 in Healing

Your body is wise, all of our bodies are, and they are constantly communicating with us, we just have to listen.  The problems arise when our bodies are speaking so loudly that we are suffering, right? Well, acupuncture, specifically 5-element acupuncture is designed to help you translate what your body is telling you, and the longer you wait, the louder it gets.  I don’t want you to suffer, so, when you come in to see me, I help you to better observe what is going on internally.  I don’t have all the answers immediately, but I do have loads and loads of poignant questions.  The trick is, that we are in constant communication with our bodies, and it is always telling us something, this is what our symptoms are.  We can learn from all of the things we experience.  What I do with acupuncture is help you to listen, and I help translate, because I studied, and continue to study the language of the body.  The earlier you listen to these signs and symptoms you are having, the quicker you can learn and adjust before the symptom gets louder (more severe).  It can be quite pleasant to be fully in a body, all the way down to the feet, so if you are having a symptom, even a mild whisper of sign, come give acupuncture a try!